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  "La settimana all'italiana"

     Linguistic trip in Italy, in Rimini


For lovers of the Italian language and culture or of Italy in general, we have created cultural and linguistic programmes that we have called:

"La settimana all'italiana"

We organise Italian language course, we write our didactic material and we publish our books to make our lessons more and more interesting and involving.

We also deal with the free time of our students, organising dinner in restaurants and local , we take them to the factories which produce the most known food products in the world, like oil, pasta, wine and coffee.
The idea of The Italian Week was born from the desire to offer something more to our student groups who, looking to benefit fully from their study holiday in Italy, asked us for advice on available free time activities, places to visit and events not to miss in our beautiful city.
We noticed immediately the diversity of interests: those interested in local cuisine, those interested in the city's history, those in the Italian lifestyle etc. We all know that the knowledge of a foreign language is bound to the culture of the country in which that language is spoken.
And it is because of this awareness that we have created the “Italian Week” programmes. The themes are varied: from the cinema of Fellini to Mediterranean cuisine, from healthy sport to fanatic shopping, and so on. So combining them with the fact that friends and companions often have the same interests, the job is done.
All you need to do is to form a group, choose the programme you prefer and depart together on a journey, that is, at the same time, touristic, linguistic and cultural.

We have to remember that all this has been made possible thanks to our wonderful city of Rimini, a tourist destination since the beginning of the 1960s, located in a perfect position, in the middle of Italy, well connected to the major cities of Italy (Milan, Florence, Rome).

Rimini is a city that has always offered a vast range of services and forms of entertainment, knowing how to adapt itself to all types of tourist. We have combined the touristic offers of this seaside town with the study of the language and culture of our beautiful country. And we have done it staying true to our philosophy that always puts the needs of our students first.

We propose the following programmes, riminding you that, in order to welcome your requests, our offer can be made-to-measure.

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